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By realizing the importance of preserving the ecology and health of every individual, Designer Outlet Croatia is taking care of the future of our planet and the environment we live in through continuous striving to achieve high standards in sustainable design, shopping experience, and environmentally conscious fashion in general.

Let’s change the world within us because that’s the only way we can change things we all have in common – the Earth, the environment, and the standard of living.



BREEAM is an efficiency certificate of Designer Outlet Croatia’s activities aimed at taking care of the environment through not only energy efficiency, but also rational use of water and construction using ecological materials. The British BREEAM certificate is a benchmark in assessing the impact of real estate on the environment in the areas of building materials, solar energy, waste management, use of rainwater, sustainable management, accessibility of buildings, cycle paths, and charging stations for electric vehicles.


By implementing and using LED light technology, the cost of electric energy, as well as the total energy spending, is reduced. Besides longevity, safety, and diverse range, LED lighting is also characterized by energy efficiency which is at the same time its main advantage. It is precisely for this reason that this type of technology is considered green because, compared to traditional forms of lighting, LED lighting fixtures consume more than 10 times less electricity, without heating up.



At the Center, we separate the waste at its very origin for recycling purposes. We strive to minimize total waste production while being active promoters of recycling.


Do you own an electric vehicle, and you are wondering if there are charging stations in the Center’s vicinity? You don’t have to worry because we have also provided charging stations, having in mind users of e-vehicles. Moreover, there are 12 chargers for our customers which are extremely simple to use – you will be able to charge your car, and the chargers are at our parking lot. Parking spots are marked in green color.



Designer Outlet Croatia is full of green areas created in accordance with the BREEAM in Use guidelines. The green areas next to Designer Outlet Croatia are a protected oasis for the local ecosystem for insects, birds, and many types of plants, bushes, and trees. On the open promenade of the Center, there are planters, flower pots, and rows of trees with native plants, which aim to bring the visitor closer to nature and the ecosystem to raise awareness of sustainable development.


All the toilets and urinals in the center are equipped with the technology that meets the highest BREEAM in Use certificate, enabling maximal optimization of water spending. We collect rainwater from large roof surfaces so that native plants and green areas in the center are automatically watered through the irrigation system.



On the rooftops of the Designer Outlet Center, a power plant with 300 kWp solar panels has been installed for the production of electricity for its own needs. In addition to energy, heating, and cooling of the Center are carried out using geothermal energy and a heat pump. A system that uses the earth's natural heat through deep probes that take the temperature of the soil and use it for heating and cooling, ultimately reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


Designer Outlet Croatia participates in the first program to offset carbon dioxide emissions and neutralize the carbon footprint by planting trees in Croatia. By planting 1,000 seedlings in 2022, 25 tons of carbon dioxide will be offset as part of the CO2MPENSATING BY PLANTING program.



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